Saturday, February 11, 2006

Do NOT Appease Radical Islam

With all the protests sweeping across Europe and Asia, I hope the people and governments of the nations feeling the protests do not forget the lessons of history. Prior to World War II, European nations tried appeasement with Hitler, and Asian nations tried appeasement with Japan. Both nations eventually showed their true intentions and it was obvious no amount of appeasement was going to prevent their ambitions for global domination. (For an interesting take on how various European nations have been responding to the uproar, check out this story)

This is clearly the case with radical Islam as well. These people do not know the value of human life, nor do they know the spirit of freedom and the power of the human spirit once it has tasted freedom and democracy. In fact, the elements of radical Islam only know one thing--fear. They fear their God and they rely on fear as a weapon to enforce their edicts. They also fear everything most modern nations embrace. They fear music, art, literature, free speech, love, and everything that makes life worth living--everything that separates us from the animals.

The uproar over the cartoons sweeping the world should be viewed by all reasonable humans as the threat to freedom it is--and the naked declaration of intolerance radical Islam has made here. There is no cartoon that is worth a human life, but we passed that simplistic view a long time ago. This is not about cartoons. This is about a religious perversion that demands nobody speak negatively about it, while it is free to espouse hate, death, and intolerance. It should be clear to all how hypocritical these preachers of hate are. It should also be very clear to all what a world or nation would look like if the armies of radical Islam are allowed to come to power. Let the modern nations of the world draw their own lines in the sand now and not waiver. Do not appease radical Islam or you will embolden them! The next demands will be greater and more and more of our freedoms will be at the center of the demands for further appeasement.

Now, don't get me wrong. I am not an opponent of Islam in general--or any other religion for that matter. I am passionately opposed to any extreme religious body that thinks they have the right to force their views on me. It doesn't matter to me if you are a missionary who shows up unsolicited on my doorstep to discuss God, or an Imam who preaches intolerance--you both have crossed a line. No group has that right.

The leader of each modern nation opposed to what radical Islam is preaching should ask each of its citizens to draw their own cartoon showing how these protests make Islam appear. If you want to be a member of the global community, you are welcome, as long as you learn tolerance for differing viewpoints and how to live with people you might disagree with. If you cannot do these simple things, then we, the global community, will show no respect for your views or demands. The lesson would be clear--those who value freedom will not be intimidated into sacrificing freedom of speech.

So, radical Islam, stop the hypocrisy of demanding respect for your religion while you preach hate, intolerance and death. We are already tired of it.



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